The Unseen Effect of Accumulated Stress
What is the impact of an excess of daily unrecovered Stress?

PQ HRV-measured 2 executives from the same organisation, performing similar professional tasks at home over a 10 hour period, during a working day. Executive 1 had recorded consistently low average PQ Accumulated Stress - below 10%. Executive 2 scored an average of 35%, which is very high. What did this mean for each individual in terms of their capacity for decision-making and resilient performance?

We were able to show Executive 1 the response of their heart to stimuli over the period, as measured by RMSSD*. Simply put, the wider the range of measured response, the higher the nervous function. This will affect decision-making, interpersonal engagement and communication. In this case, the measurements recorded active, healthy sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems delivering multiple reactions to a working environment.

For Executive 2 the analysis was very different. Their measurements recorded minimal responsiveness, despite stimulation. Literally a flat line. In short, Accumulated Stress had depressed this executive's capacity to generate sufficient physiological reactivity. This may have manifested itself in emotional distress or cognitive impairment. It may have passed unnoticed by colleagues. Red flags are difficult to spot in a hybrid/ remote working environment. They are measurable, however. In this instance, PQ's 8 Parameters identified insufficient Sleep Quality and a low volume of Daytime Recovery as the main issues. An intervention plan was agreed.

Fatigue has a corrosive impact upon executive performance. It is not invisible to those who choose to look more closely. And it can be consciously, and successfully, addressed.


Measure. Manage.

*The most common way in which to analyse HRV is a time-domain method, RMSSD. This is the Root Mean Square of Successive Differences between each heartbeat. It is relatively simple to calculate (important for large-scale computation) and provides a reliable measure of HRV, sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. 
Daytime Stress and Recovery