The Elephant in the Room

Sometimes we can rely on a particular personal strength too much, depleting our productivity as a result.

This individual sleeps very well and knows it. He records regular sleep of above 8 hours, which is close to the optimal duration recommended to him by PQ’s experts. He feels great every morning and self-reports an IQ Intensity of Focus score of between 9 and 10. He feels good about his performance.

When his HRV PQ Profiling was complete another story presented. Daytime Recovery was non-existent, reducing performance capacity through the day. As a result the Peak Stress scores, which capture the most intense performance -related effort of the day, were low - between 5.0 and 7.5. He did not have the Recovery platform to delivery maximal effort.

In short, too much focus on Sleep had led to an unbalanced routine and reduced performance.

Sleep Duration Correlates with Creativity