Sleep Duration Correlates with Creativity

As we begin the assessment of PQ factors factors influencing the motivation and performance of executives, we look for correlations within the 3Q dataset. We have HRV measured and self-reported Parameters for PQ and 8 Parameters each for IQ and EQ.

Sleep Duration is proving to be a key determinant of executive self-perception. Our PQ Profile generates a customised recommendation of average daily hours of Sleep Duration, based upon individual physiology. On average, executives undersleep by between 60-90 minutes when compared to the PQ recommendation.

The consequences are captured clearly in the chart below. This executive generates poor Overnight Recovery, which in turn means that he needs to sleep an average of nearly 10 hours a night to recover from his daily workload and life stresses. He only manages a longest sleep of around 8 hours and recorded some nights below 5.5 hours.

The impact is captured by his self-reported IQ Parameter for Creativity, which is highly correlated to the daily duration of sleep

In short, if this executive sleeps longer, he feels more creative. When sleep is curtailed, his Creativity drops immediately. To become more consistently productive a plan for more reliable high quality Sleep is required.

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