Lockdown Lowdown
It is time to ease up on emotion-based assessment. Look at physiology to unlock new perspectives.

Fatigue. Stress. Exhaustion. Resilience. Wellbeing.

Social and mainstream media platforms cannot broadcast or write about these subjects enough. Lockdown and working from home are generating frenetic output, most with the best of intentions - namely to help millions of families and individuals navigate the  uncharted territory that confronts most Western populations. 

Many recommendations carry great sense - and scientific basis. Sleep can be managed much better by most people; nutrition in much of the Western diet has multiple times too much sugar embedded within every meal; exercise patterns are broadly insufficient to support consistent good health; and disrupted routines need to be replaced with new and reinforcing disciplines. IN GENERAL.

The devil, as we all know, lies in the detail. Media and politicians love extremes and so our perceptions are consistently being manipulated by irrelevant (to us) polarity. Very few of us are born with the genetic inheritance that makes a Roger Federer, Elon Musk or Mick Jagger. They, and their ilk, are celebrated as exceptional. They cannot be emulated by a plan or magic formula.

The complexity lies in the bulge of the Bell curve, where most of us are to be found, by whichever measure. Here we find aggregation and averages. This makes policy-making possible (see the vaccines). The averages drive lockdowns and Tiers. Averages give us recommended behaviour. Sadly, and inconveniently, averages do not deliver good recommendations to individuals because none of us is average. We are infuriatingly unique. How is this best reflected? By our physiology, which tells us so much about what makes us tick - and derail.

PQ has been measuring executives working from home since March 2020. Equal numbers of male and female professionals, from an age range of 25-65 have been profiled very precisely by research grade technology and highly refined parameters of assessment, developed from elite sports science.

What have we learned? Above all else we have identified very clearly that individuals perceive their physiology (PQ) through an emotional lens rather than knowledge. As a result they typically self-report between 30 and 40% inaccurately across 8 core PQ Parameters which capture their Capacity, Performance and Recovery profiles. We are all, unlike elite athletes, untrained to understand and harness Stress and our structural need for Recovery

So the Lockdown Lowdown is simple: learn more about yourself objectively, step away from generic recommendations and build a process of self-assessment and self-management into your daily life.

PQ will be hosting a free webinar shortly to share details of key findings that may be relevant to you. We will also suggest approaches and resources that may turn Lockdown into a redefinitional environment, where boundaries are identified, redrawn and owned by individuals who recognise that waiting for a return to 'normality' is, quite simply, a waste of time.

Join us very soon for the ultimate 1-1.

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