Get a Grip on General Stress
Understand how your physiology determines how efficiently your body transforms Capacity into Performance

The General Stress Level is the PQ Parameter that provides insights into the effort required of an executive in performing their workday activities. PQ measures the average daily level on a scale of 1-10. Self-reported and HRV-measured

High performers need to be able to carry consistently heavy Stress volume and intermittent intensity. Our database suggests that scores of 6-7 are  high, scores below 4, low. The key additional dimension is individual PQ Capacity, as determined by PQ Accumulated Stress and PQ Initial Recharge Levels. A low Capacity score limits the personal resources available to carry high levels of General Stress, potentially reducing Performance impact,

We share the  General Stress Level weekly charts from the PQ Podium Reports of 2 separate Executives, from different industries, recorded over the past 4 months.

Executive 1 recorded levels consistently higher than the average score for executives in the PQ database. There are 2 scores of nearly 7, indicating high performance delivery. Interestingly, the individual perceived the Stress as being consistently lower (almost half the true level - apart from 1 Recovery day). Underestimating General Stress Levels may carry long term risks. Executive 1 was encouraged by their coach to be more conscious of diary pressure, self-imposed workload and Stress from factors outside the workplace.

Executive 2 recorded significantly lower levels of General Stress, both HRV-measured and self-reported. This was linked to 2 other PQ Parameters - high Accumulated Stress and a very low Daytime Recovery/Stress Ratio. This executive was, quite simply, insufficiently Recovered physiologically to support higher levels of General Stress, even if there were Performance requirements that demanded greater intensity.

Unlike Executive 1, who was able to bear higher Stress levels but needed to manage self-awareness to support sustainability, Executive 2 was encouraged to focus on their Recovery disciplines - Sleep and Daytime Recovery. Higher PQ Capacity would then convert into higher workplace intensity and load.

Understand your PQ Initial Recharge Level
Is your physiological battery life sufficient to support your daily Performance?