Accumulated Stress Affects Ambition
Measurable Physiological (PQ) factors do impact how we approach our daily challenges

An executive self-reported against 8 IQ Parameters for 7 days. She was wearing a research-grade HRV devices at the same time.

One of the IQ Parameters captures Ambition. That is the blue line, plotted daily.

One of the 8 PQ Parameters is No Accumulated Stress. The higher the score out of 10, the better. Accumulated Stress has the same physiological impact on a body as the stress generated from exercise, professional activities etc. It is, however, wholly unproductive. 

In this example, the executive's data shows a clear correlation between her perceived Ambition each morning and the level of Accumulated Stress still unrecovered over the previous 24 hours.

How do we mange ourselves towards lower levels of Accumulated Stress? By focusing on efficient, sufficient Sleep and consistent Daytime Recovery that works for our individual profile. This is the proven model in elite sport and can be emulated in executive life by science-led intervention.

What is Physiological Intelligence (Pi)?
How does it fit with Emotional and Intellectual Intelligence? How is is measured? Who has it? Can it be enhanced?