3Q Pillars of 2021 Total Peformance
Don’t hope for a better year ahead. Take a firmer grip on 3Q behaviours that underpin consistent excellence

IQ - Slow Thinking

This is one of the most powerful (and practical) psychological concepts of the past 100 years. It forms the basis of Professor Daniel Kahneman’s Nobel Prize-winning insights into behavioural economics . If we want to make decisions that are the best possible with the available information and resources, we must recognise that we, as human beings, are the most likely performance inhibitor. We prefer to make intuitive, ‘fast’ judgements based upon past experience. Sadly, we make our biggest mistakes when employing this method. Take time, address inconvenient facts, seek diverse opinion, suppress intuition and allow your inner Sherlock Holmes emerge. "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." The painful part, which our evolved instinct so rebels against, is the slow thinking ‘elimination’ piece. Try it more often. You will make fewer mistakes, be a more reliable partner and deliver far higher productivity. Don’t be Dr Watson

EQ - Responsibility

Review your situation, be clear about your responsibilities and build your personal and professional life to support and deliver on those responsibilities. Press away co-dependent instincts and be precise in managing your boundaries.. A key element will be demanding of all your peers that they accept their responsibilities too. 2020 saw extreme emotional dislocation in a variety of guises. The shocking, shared experience of powerlessness in the face of the virus and its social and economic consequences, has led to an understandable erosion in individual liberty and responsibility. In the long term this is profoundly unhealthy for identity and cohesive interpersonal relationships. Our humanity is shared; our perspectives and insecurities are highly individual and define us. Own every aspect of your unique personality and step up to the consequences of your choices. 2021 will see the tide turn of media-driven infantilism in society. Let’s strive for more adult cultures in all aspects of life.

PQ - Self-Management

We are mostly presented with confected visions of generic diet, wellbeing and exercise products. Most of the data is based upon inaccurate averages; most of the case studies on extreme examples. In reality none of us conforms to averages and very few of us will ever emulate extremes, which are, by definition, exceptional. So, if extremes and average do not deliver best for the individual, the solution lies within. Tale the reins and learn more about yourself – emotionally, psychologically and, crucially, physiologically. Human beings do not dominate the planet because of technology alone – we are, ourselves, an astonishing piece of evolved technology. Sadly, very few of us utilise more than 10% of our resources. World records, repeat championships and gold medals are secured through intense, data-based, individualised PQ self-management. Tom Brady, Sebastian Coe, Carl Lewis, Roger Federer, and all of the true sporting elite maximised their potential though self-management. ‘The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get’ – Gary Player beat Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in their prime to win golf Majors. He did this because he understood the deal. Understand the key parameters of your PQ Profile, make a plan and manage yourself with consistency and realism. The results will surprise you.




3Q Total Performance




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