What is PQ?  

Physiological Quotient (PQ)

‘A scientifically validated indicator of an executive's performance potential as defined by their essential body systems’.


PQ(lboro) Limited was founded and named with the explicit intention of introducing the precise disciplines of applied sports sciences to the executive performance environment.

3Q Total Performance

PQ sits alongside IQ and EQ as a resource to inform, motivate and focus executives on exploiting their full potential. PQ is the crucial 3rd determinant of performance and can now be integrated within Development and Wellbeing programmes.

Self-report & HRV

PQ’s meticulously designed system is built upon parallel self-reporting and HRV-measurement. There are 3 fundamental PQ Dimensions: PQ Capacity;  PQ Performance and PQ Recovery. Behind these are 8 newly defined and distinct PQ Parameters.


PQ’s reports have a profound impact upon executives’ perception, planning and ongoing self-management. Diaries are adjusted, sleep regimes prioritised, nutrition rebalanced, exercise patterns reshaped - and much more

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PQ 365 - Total Performance Score

PQ 365
Daily Snapshot

A single PQ score, individually calibrated and updated live. Applied Performance Science at your fingertips. 

PQ 365
No Excuses

Transparent and benchmarked, the PQ 365 provides constant feedback. Digest, make choices and adjust. 

PQ Dimensions

    Build Resilience

Unproductive Stress and insufficient Recharging undermine Resilience.

Self-reported daily and HRV-measured.

    Raise Ceilings

New Peaks of attainment result from disciplined Stress and Resource management.

Self-reported daily and HRV-measured.

    Lift Productivity Floors

Sustained excellence is built upon strong Recovery patterns, consciously applied.

Self-reported daily and HRV-measured.

8 PQ Parameters    

PQ is recording generally high, persistent  levels of this new and very significant measure of residual, unrecovered Stress. A key metric, unique to PQ.

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Personal ‘battery life’ is mostly determined by genetic and lifestyle factors. All day resilience begins with Recharge.

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PQ’s baseline Stress metric measures the average level of daily Stress recorded. Peer benchmarking adds clarity.

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PQ records the highest measured Stress score for each 24 hour period. Exceptional Performance requires Peak Stress to be planned and managed.

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This metric for total volume of Stress over a 24 hour period  guides choices for sustainable workload and lifestyle.

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An imbalanced ratio impairs Peak outcomes. Most executives record insufficient Daytime Recovery.

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The total volume of measured Recovery over a 24 hour period is a baseline metric to benchmark executives’ Capacity to perform.

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Sleep is the performance-defining  Recovery platform. Hours slept, stressors and physiological efficiency all matter and require management.

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Services & Products

PQ’s baseline 7 day report delivered and managed online. A framework for PQ optimisation.

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PQ’s premium report for executives requiring a deep 360 degree assessment and analysis.

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1-1 report interpretation from a PQ certified coach is offered. Planning & Periodisation from 3Q Total Performance Platform.

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Loughborough University, world ranked 1st for Sport Sciences 2017-2020, is PQ’s strategic partner for commercial Research.

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